Electronics area: xytronics iron down (de-solder fine)


The soldering iron on the xytronics station needs to be fixed. The de-soldering iron on the same unit is fine.

For soldering, the weller station is working.

I'll fix it within the next couple days.


What happened? There are quite a few spares in box above the area.

No current going to iron. Might be a blown fuse or a fried power transistor. I’ve seen similar in similar stations. Not sure till I lift the hood and check the voltages.

I’d like to fix it, as that iron is a bit more agile than the weller for spall pitch soldering.


Dave, opened it up and here’s the likely: sense switch is not seeing the iron when plugged into the station, so it disables it. I can’t find a service manual or tech info on that model online. If you have it, it would help. The extra iron we have at hive is for another model (it has a 5 pin amphenol style connector, this is a 7 pin) There are some test points in the station…

All points on the iron have proper continuity and the element, though somewhat worn is not kaput. I’m not sure what R the sense wires are looking for. If another iron works we can replace the element and it’ll probably work. If not, we’ll know it’s the station PSU / control. It’s a simple circuit, but I don’t feel like reverse engineering the circuit when there is probably a service manual somewhere that could get me through it in 20 minutes…

Do you have a spare iron for that model you could bring down and plug in? Then we’ll know if we need to replace the element or look into the sense circuitry.


No rush. THE DE-SOLDER SIDE WORKS GREAT. I would like to keep the whole thing in nice shape, though. It’s a good iron.

I bought it in 02 from Howard Electronic Instruments in Kansas. It is discontinued. I dropped off a box of spares with it when I dropped it off, including a spare iron I thought. I have more spare parts for my current model which is a lead-free higher wattage unit. I’ll try to see about a service manual. I can bring in the iron I have but I think it’s higher wattage.