Electronics area wiki, inventory, and update

I updated our entire electronics area wiki page. Many new items are listed. Missing items were deleted. Some manuals and resources are linked to specific equipment. If you have something to add or tweak, please do so.

Take a look:


I have spent a LOT of time finding all of these things, calibrating and verifying all test gear, taking inventory, and removing hoarders’ stashes.

Lots of stuff you can now use!!! Bet you didn’t even know we had such awesome stuff, right? Neither did I. Now go make a cool project with a brand new TI dev kit, in circuit debug an ARM chip, or look at pretty waves on a 100MHz scope!

I plan to start making some short, simple videos showing how to use things (ie how to set up and use analog and digital scopes, how to do a 4 wire ohms test on the HP multimeter to eliminate lead resistivity error). I’d like to put QR codes on equipment so people can go straight to the tutorial from phones & laptops when needed. I could use a hand model, though…



I just went through and corrected a few minor things. Is there a reason the box o STM32Discovery dev boards I left at the hive didn’t make it into inventory? Didn’t get there yet or are they misplaced?