Electronics area update: Chemicals, Desolder Station


First, the good news: I have fixed the Xytronics de-solder station. I will put it back at solder bench as soon as I can.

Non-flammable hazardous material / chemicals in electronics area need to be placed in (I know retailers kind of minimize this fact, but it is). The chemicals in question are primarily acids, oxidizers, and some organic compounds. Please place any chemicals including:

Solder Paste
SMD Flux
Ferric Chloride
Copper II Chloride
Amonium Persulfate
Hydrogen Peroxide (if greater than 4% - must go in flammables locker instead)

Please place these in the refrigerator below the computers. This will keep them from spilling & prolong the life of the chemicals.

Really, the biggest risk is not safety with dilute chemicals, but FeCl fumes and others on this list will cause metals to oxidize / rust in nasty ways upon exposure to small amounts of fumes. A hammer next to a bath of FeCl will rust in less than a day.

Also, I have a complete etch tank with a bubbler (sparger), heater, etc at hive. Please let me know if you’d like me to show you how to use it. If you do, you can often etch a board PERFECTLY in 3 minutes!

I also have a photo resist film system with UV exposure lamp, PCB film laminator, etc.

This is also usable for small lithography plates, metal etching, etc.

I am resuming my biweekly Saturday workshop courses / open labs. Should I put an electronics lesson / PCB & stencil etching course on the schedule? Happy to do it.


Electronics Warden Lorin

I would love a lesson in board etching. I think we should follow through on getting a nicer soldering station, too. After the big meeting vote on this, perhaps?

Yes indeed. I’ll need to find a couple more items, probably buy some new chemicals (I use copper II chloride). But yes, would be happy to set it up and schedule.

Regarding a soldering station, yes. Choices would probably be Hakko fx-888 ($96) which is by far the best desktop station. As far as “production” stations go, the metcal or hakko 951 would be good choices.