Electronic Area Deep Clean

Electronics area users:

Please remove all personal projects, stuff, wares, junk, et al from the electronics area.

If you have an existing project on the table, please box up, label it and put it above or below the table space.
Appropriate labels include a date, name, and contact number.

In a few weeks I will be sorting, cleaning, and moving items to purgatory.

Thank you.

While you’re at it, would you mind replacing the tweezers that I donated that have largely been damaged or taken? They’re not terribly expensive and it would be an effective use of your area warden budget.


That is what I donated originally.


They have already been replaced. :slight_smile: They should be at the hive soon enough.

Awesome! :slight_smile:

Thanks Jon!

Gator clips and leads are on my list, also a simple cheap organization system for them.

Debco has tons of aligator clips. By rookwood on Edwards road.

I'm happy to help with the effort. I'd suggest we first figure out what we have before we dive into more of what we need. As I've been using the area recently, it is clear that many small items need replacing, but many others are simply buried. Finally, I can call the guys at UC surplus. Often they have tons of lab leads and cabling that come in and end up in drawers in the back of the wharehouse...

Reminder: Electronics Area is getting cleaned, if you have left any monitors/keyboards/cords/cables/projects—and don’t want to risk their disposal—please remove or put a note with your name and date.

All members, please clean the work benches at the end of your work session, small items will be swept into a holding bin in Purgatory.

Thank you!