Electric Hack Saw

I am working this weekend and I will be available to help load the
large electric hacksaw that sits in our alley. If there is a large
truck available, we should be able to get it out. Keep me posted. I
will be here Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 3:30pm

I do not have a large truck but I can help move it if we need extra manpower.

I’m busy Saturday, but Sunday is good for me.

How large is large? Pickup truck? Panel truck?

I’ve got a big old suburban, but that means it goes in on its side if at all.

A relatively cheap option is renting a large trailer - $20 for the day, no millage, and low to the ground so easy to get heavy things onto it.

Or if someone can give Player2 a call we can see if his box truck w/
the lift is available this weekend.

It’s completely out of commission - doesn’t run, and no insurance.

I have a pickup truck and depending upon the size of the saw we could use that. How big is this thing?

OK, For some reason everytime I schedule a pick up of this, it
dissapears. I went out this morning to take photos and it is gone.
Although it is pointless now, the saw is well over 500lbs and about
3-4 ft tall. Again, sorry, I am not sure who actually took this thing
last night.