Elections, Annual Meeting Tonight - July 6


Tonight we're scheduled to hold our Annual Meeting. This is the
meeting where we do all the once-per-year things like elect new
officers. We can also pass some amendments to the bylaws and other
resolutions if we're so inclined. I'm hoping to have a couple minor
amendments written up before the meeting tonight that we can vote on.
We can also take this opportunity to vote on lowering the monthly fee
as an official decision. I'm keeping track of the things to do
officially at the meeting on this page: http://wiki.hive13.org/Annual_Meeting_2010
I'll keep a sort of normal meeting minutes, etc on the page for todays
date: http://wiki.hive13.org/July_6,_2010

Welcome to year two!


I would like to work on amending the bylaws to allow for more remote participation. How should we contribute amendment ideas to be voted on?


Also a reminder, the current bylaws w/ comments is posted on the google wave located here:


If you log into wave with the account you are subscribed to this mailing list, you should be able to edit the wave.

More complete instructions:

  1. Log into wave w/ the account you are subscribed to this mailing list
  2. Click the link: https://wave.google.com/wave/waveref/googlewave.com/w+dMWi2CRwB
  3. Edit the wave.
  4. The wave will now show up in your list and you will be automatically added as a contributor.

Just write an amendment that says something like this: "The bylaws
shall be amended so that the line in section X line Y that reads
'blah, blah, blah' will instead be 'something, something, something'."

All memebers are supposed to be provided with a copy of the amendment
in writing before voting. If you want to post it on the wiki, I'd
would suggest here:

Technically, we're supposed to have the bylaws turned in to the board
at least a week before voting on them, so we can only actually vote on
amendments tonight if we bend that rule. I plan on submitting an
amendment that changes that specific requirement as well as a few



There was no quorum tonight so we couldn't officially do the Annual
Meeting. Instead we went over the things we need to vote on and tried
to get close to a consensus on them. We will hold the official Annual
Meeting next week (as long as a quorum is present; please come!).

The folks that are running for offices are as follows:

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Chris Anderson, Dave Menninger, Jason Bailey,
Craig Smith, Mike Linville, Chris Davis (we are increasing the number
of board members from 3 to 5)

TREASURER: Craig (if no one else wants it)
SECRETARY: Chris Anderson (if no one else wants it)
COO: Chris Davis
CTO: Chris Anderson (if no one else wants it)

We also talked about a number of edits we want to make to the Bylaws.
You can see them in the minutes: http://wiki.hive13.org/July_6,_2010
but the descriptions there are short. I will work on transforming
those into actual amendments that can be voted on between now and next
week. I'll put the official wordings over on

We also decided to have a silent auction at the party this month.
We'll auction off the slingboxes and if anyone would like to donate
anything else of value that we could auction off, we'd appreciate it.
Also, we are thinking it will be a good draw if we get a keg like we
did last time.

That's about all we talked about. I'll send out another email later
reminding everyone that next week is the official Annual Meeting. I
think we need 13 voting members to be there for it to count, so put it
on your calendar!


Two other things I forgot to mention that happened at the meeting last night:

1) We're officially going to drop the monthly rate for Fully
Membership from $100 to $95. We'll edit this page:
http://pay.hive13.org/join/ to reflect that. You can cancel your
current subscription and sign up again at $95 if you want. If you're
already subscribed at $100 and you don't do anything, it will keep
taking $100.

2) We got the air conditioner in the office swapped out with a bigger
one, so we have working AC in that room now.


FYI, please don’t cancel yet. I need to setup the new subscripts (Probably today sometime) I will send out an email and a link when this is ready.



Ok, I think it’s all done.

Before you make changes take note as to when you payments come out so you don’t get double billed!!!
If your payment has already come out for this month then wait until next month to cancel/resubscribe.
The moment you (re)subscribe is the new reoccurring date that the money will come out.

I also added an unsubscribe (untested) button to the bottom of the page for convenience: