Election Day - Tuesday, November 3rd


I didn't even realize this coincidence when we were talking about it
last week... Tuesday, November 3rd will be election day nationwide and
at Hive13 too! While you're in a civic spirit come to our regular
Tuesday night meeting and help us elect someone to replace an officer
that has stepped down.

The officer position that opened up is CTO - Chief Technology
Officer. According to the Bylaws:

"The Chief Technical Officer is responsible for ensuring the
maintenance and consistency of the technological infrastructure as
needed by the organization. This includes, but is not limited to, the
website and internal network of the physical space."

Basically, just shepherding the process, being a tie-breaker/decision-
maker, helping people get what they need, etc. Now with our website
up, internet in the space, and a growing LAN, the CTO will have a
little bit less to do, but we still need someone keeping a birds-eye
view on it all.

* All members can vote.

* The term of the office will last until next July.

* We will take nominations all the way up to the last minute before
the vote, but if you want to say so now you can nominate yourself or
someone else for this position.


i’ll nominate myself for CTO.

i don’t have a platform yet, but i am thinking it will involve cupcakes.

You officially have my support then. At least, until someone else has
a platform of bigger cupcakes or more cupcakes or something.

ChrisA, I am going to hold you too that cupcake pledge.

The (cup)cake is a lie.


SSSSHHHH this is a library!