Effecthive Programming Course

Saturdays. 3:00pm-ish. Learn to program. Please no flame wars on programming languages in this thread (honey badger don’t care http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg)

Attached, an old-fashioned spam.

I’ve been programming since forever and am already nearing retirement/funemployment, so I can lead this. Or anyone else is welcome to as well. Just arrive and be ready to either learn programming fundamentals or help people learn. No debates on the merits of languages for this class (everyone has a JavaScript compiler on their machine, and it’s the most beautiful programming language since jCobol.NET so it’s not even worth debating).

Also, this course is absolutely free. I’m happy to let people borrow my copy Effective JavaScript. Computers are optional since most people carry them in their pockets these days and real programmers use whiteboards anyhow (according to Google interviewers at least).


effecthive.pdf (54.5 KB)

We had at least 3 interested students and one interested teaching assistant.

Part 1 was the first 5 questions from projecteuler.net.

Part 2 will be Hello World with JavaScript and HTML.


Here’s a random video that’s awesome:

This is a gods-send. Hi, interested student here. Has the class already begun? Should I do part 1 on my own and then show up tomorrow at 3 @ the hive? Or is this class remote? Sorry so many questions. Thanks for being willing to pass on the torch for free.


Tigerlily, the class is not remote. It’s in person at the hive, at or after 3pm. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving after several hours but generally it’s a lab type situation where there’s some guidance, some instruction, and mostly just encouragement to go try problems on your own and be around experienced programmers who can troubleshoot and explain topics and concepts as needed. There’s a copy of the book at the hive and the course is free. Literally just show up. Yep, programmers are happy to teach others as it’s a greatly rewarding thing to build software and I personally have a lot of other skills I’m trying to develop so and happy to give back to an ecosystem of learning and collaboration.


Was just wondering if this was going to be a weekly thing or if there was another day planned. Noticed no one else arrived this past weekend other than the game board crew but I left around 5:20…

Sorry I missed last week, Barry. I don’t think I’ll be able to be there going forward; something’s come up. Hopefully someone else can take the reins.

Barry and Tigerlilly were doing quite well with progressing on this if anyone is interested in being there tomorrow.


I will not be there this week either. My mother and I were rained out of renfest last week, so we’re going tomorrow. I am still interested in attending future classes though.


I’ve been looking to re-connect with the Hive, and should be able to swing leading something like this. Although, these days when I think of Javascript I tend to think of jQuery ( http://www.jquery.com ). Will need to think a little about a lesson plan. I’ll schedule coming down for this Tuesday’s (Oct 15th) meeting and will be happy to talk about it to anyone interested. The Hive still has open meetings on Tuesdays, right?



The weekly meeting is still on Tuesday and usually someone posts a Google hangouts link to attend it remotely.


Will there be someone to lead the Effecthive class tomorrow? I was planning on attending. Please continue the class, it’s a great idea! Thanks.


Mini maker faire!

I imagine everyone will be at the Cinci Maker event at Washington Park. I spoke with Trayler at the meeting tuesday and he will be at a programming charity all weekend at http://southwestohiogivecamp.org/ I know I will be downtown for the fair and i dont really plan to stay much past 5 though if want me to stop by, I not really a Java coder but know like 3 others so not really much of a stretch to wing some beginner stuff for a little while.


Yes - I am interested in this class, and wouldn’t mind leading it, as it were. As Barry said, I’m a little tied up this weekend and most of the Hive is going to be focused on the Fair. So, looks like next weekend.

That works. I’m totally fine with being trumped by something as awesome as a maker fair. See u next Saturday.