eee 900-series

Does anyone have an Asus eee 900-series netbook that I could test an
SSD on? A replacement was just sent to me via RMA and it is
exhibiting the same problems as the one that was mailed out. Testing
the SSD on a separate system would help me verify if the new drive was
bad or if there is an issue with my eee.

I've got a 900A that I could bring to next week's meeting if you want me to. If you need to test it sooner let me know.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the reply! I did some additional testing and it looks like
the RAM is (also?) bad in my 900A. An RMA has been submitted to the
manufacturer of the RAM.

One of my friends will be in town with his 900A this weekend, so we're
going to try to meet and test my RAM and SSD on his eee. But I will
stop by the Hive meeting on Tuesday if I can't meet with my friend
this weekend. Thanks so much :smiley: