Eagle Prototyping

Would anyone be willing to sit down with me for an hour or so and give me a run down on the basics of Eagle? I need to prototype this audio circuit I’m working on and the tutorials I’m finding aren’t that intuitive.

I want to get in on this. I’m willing to drop a nice dinner and some beer in return.


I'd be interested to sit in. I keep intending to work through some tutorials on the subject, but never seem to make the time.

Don’t bother learning eagle. Check out KiCAD. Cross platform, open source, and in the next couple of months it will have some seriously awesome features (including the ability to import eagle libraries, and possibly pull in libraries from github which I am super excited for!).

I can do a class in a few weeks if people want me to. I can also sit down with you for an hour or two sooner to individuals!

I can do so, though I’m sure there are people more qualified. I’ve been thinking about floating the idea of a class, and would be happy to practice.

Tomorrow (Friday)? I have the mouser order with parts for a few people that I was going to offer to drop off at the hive.

Or take Jon up on his offer. This is the first time I’ve heard of the eagle library import feature. After it comes out I’ll be taking another look at KiCAD, because there are some pretty annoying things about eagleCAD.

I’ll download KiCAD and check it out tonight. Tomorrow is good for me. I’m planning on heading down tomorrow anyway for most of the night after work.

KiCAD has gotten much better over the past 6-8 months since CERN endorsed it and started working on it (although not many things have made it outside of the dev branch yet). Here is another thing that is currently being developed for KiCAD:


I’ve been waiting on Jon’s Kicad class for a year or so now. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Eagle for about 10 years + own the commercial version of it. The basics of Eagle are simple enough to cover in an hour or so. The fine points could take a week. It’s a wonderful and horrible piece of software all at once. I’m not sure when I could be there in person, but I could do something over google hangouts / teamviewer easily enough. I’ll ask the wife tonight about coming down tomorrow night. Never know…


I’ve been working with eagle for about a week and am starting to get fairly comfortable with it. However, I’d like to also sit in.

And now that I actually read the entire thread, I’m going to look into kicad. Maybe I’ll recreate my 2 finished eagle projects.

Rabbit hole …

If kicad does get the ability to import eagle libraries schematics and boards then I’ll Consider switching. For the time being the existing libraries for eagle (element 14 has a huge collection) are too good for me to pass up. I’ve used eagle for probably 3 years in both hobbies and at work. If you are familiar with other cad (drawing) packages then eagle cad will come fairly easily.

Let us know as soon as you know if you are going to come tonight Dave, because if you are, they don’t need both of us, and I may have spoken too soon.

That push-and-shove routing video is pretty sexy.

I second that video. That was a really awesome routing demo. I will try to show up tonight if we are going to discuss KiCad. I’ve used Eagle and just a bit of KiCad, both have a learning curve but I feel I will get more miles out of KiCad than Eagle, mainly because it’s open source and likely to keep getting awesome features for free.

What time on Friday and should I bring/order food?

I’ll probably be there around 6 or 6:30.

Unless Dave confirms he is doing it, in which case I will be home replacing a dishwasher.

In either case, I require no food.

Learning KiCAD is 2014 for me. Hopefully Jon can help. :slight_smile: Eagle library import will totally seal the deal for me. Almost every single project I do involves making custom parts.

I will be around tonight. I’m at the hive now but I’m officially on the clock for tech support work (working from hive) so I shouldn’t start doing any Eagle teaching stuff till 6pm, but I can stick around till 8 or 9.


Fix your dishwasher Marcus… Just be careful about the feed and drain lines leaking so you don’t take out your kitchen floor like I did lol.

Looks like I won’t be able to make it. At least my current projects/boards are already at oshpark.

I’ll be there at 6:30. We’ll order something from here if it’s in the cards.