e waste/recycling

where can I get rid of some old laptops, laptop batteries, etc.? is this something I could bring to hue hive, or is there somewhere local that takes it?

I would prefer that laptops not be brought to the hive as waste (they are a bit of a pain to get rid of), however the battery packs you can bring down (they probably have some good cells in them still!)

You can search around for local e waste recycling places. There are quite a few listed on google. Depending on where you live a couple of cities in the area offer free e waste recycling for residents.

heh… offer the lot of them on ebay for 5 bucks as parts, plus shipping?

Ok, I’ll bring in the batteries next time I’m in. Might just ebay the rest.

The laptop screens are great for ground stations used in UAV systems. If you need to discard them I would be willing to recycle them.

I got a business card from these folks at the mini-Maker Faire.


Seems like a reasonably good cause, if you can’t find other interested people.


There is a place in Silverton that will take them called Recycle
Cincinnati. Kind of like a Goodwill or something but not a
non-profit. They promised me they would recycle my boxen that were
unusable. Probably won't give you anything for them if they are not
working. It's better than straight up throwing them in the trash
assuming their word is good about recycling the materials.


The Hamilton County program used to be good but according to their
website, they're not doing it this year. However they do list a whole
bunch of places you can take stuff:



These folks recycle computer, laptops, etc.