Dust collector ducting vote

I forgot to do this last week after Dave Lear asked me to do a vote.

We want to finish up the dust collector finally! The next thing to do is run metal ductwork throughout the woodworking area.

For good start we will need about $160 in ductwork and junctions. We will also need strap steel to hang the ductwork and fasteners, so I’d like to ask for a $200 budget (hoping it will be a good bit less than this).

I called corken steel in Covington for prices. If anyone knows of a better place I’m all ears! We need 7" ducts and y junctions.



I vote yes!
(When I tell you three times, it is true - Lewis Carroll, Hunting of the Snark)

John S.

Glad to hear it. :slight_smile: Hopefully with some help this can get wrapped up fairly soon.

The vote passed so I’m going to aim for next week to work on this (after the maker faire).


I’m out of town thus weekend. : (

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