Dust Collection System and Make the Hive a Better Place Day

Tomorrow is Hive13 Woodworking Dust Collection System Day and with a bonus of Make the Hive a Better Place Day. Sorry for the short notice but once again we have lots of things that need to be done, including four truck loads of good stuff that we picked up Wednesday.
So please join us tomorrow from Noon to 4 PM and make things happen.
Pizza again will be provided.

Progress update: we did lots of discussion and planning for the dust collection ductwork, but unfortunately were unable to really move construction forward. Ryan did go buy 90% of the duct and duct fittings we need to get the ductwork run to every piece of equipment, it is in the woodshop ready for anyone motivated to hang. If you are willing to lead the next workday, please speak up, we need more leaders for stuff like this, all it takes is posting asking for people to show up, and pointing them to the next steps!

Everyone please vote yes on the dust collection budget vote I posted earlier today. This is not really an optional expense, having properly functioning source dust collection is ESSENTIAL to safety in any wood shop.


Kevin McLeod