Dungeon update: no new storage and how you can help!

Dungeon update: signs have been posted on all doors reminding members that no new items are to enter the dungeon. We are in the beginnings of a long process to clean it out, and the first step is to stop adding to the pile.
I’ve begun adding parking tags to items back there: I will contact the member if there is a name attached, or make a #discussion post if there is not.

  1. If you have something back there, move it
  2. There are pink slips of paper with sharpie writing on various items throughout the dungeon. They read things like “SELL ME” or “SCRAP ME”. Anything tagged with instructions like this are an open invitation for YOU to step in and help out. Post the old table saw on Craigslist, take a load of scrap to Garden Street, or just help sort through a miscellaneous pile. The hive appreciates it. Contact @JimD about getting the profits back to the hive. Remember that we are more interested in getting these out than getting the absolute highest price. It’s ok to negotiate what seems reasonable.
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