Dungeon Masters initial meeting - notes

Hi there! We had our first tiny meeting/brainstorm session on the Strategic Plan for the HIVE at large, and our eventual expansion into the Dungeon. Please see below for the unedited notes from that discussion. Please feel free to reply with questions and commentary, etc. for our next meeting, which is tentatively scheduled for 2 pm, December 3.

John C., Dave V., Dave S., Ryan A., Brad, Kostas, Kate

How do we want to define a “strategic plan”?

  • Vision for the HIVE at large
    • Classes (singles and series), education, activities, workshops
    • We should pay our instructors
      • How? Grant money, admission cost
    • Website development/updating (Tendency)
    • Power Tool drag racing
    • Building relationships with other orgs
      • Urban Manufacturing Alliance / Cincinnati Maker’s Council (Dave V has a follow up on 11/30)
      • “Learn to solder” at schools, etc
    • Employee for infrastructure support
    • How do we make more members comfortable / empowered to make
  • Vision for expansion into the dungeon

Let’s split into large-scale goals with a range of priorities.

= rent

= landlord to finish promised improvements (paint, clean up, bathroom, panel)

  • Dungeon “habitable” first
    • Purge the crap
    • Shelves to move
  • Short term: nicer member storage
  • Medium / long term:
    • Photography
    • Lounge
    • Kids space
    • Tool library
    • Recording studio / video / streaming
    • infrastructure/server room
    • Classroom space
    • Additional meeting space

This looks good… when will the next meeting be? I would like to attend, there is a lot of opportunity for grant funding aid this, but it takes time (months) to develop a funding premise, apply and actually get funds. Fortuitously, my org a really large grant (2.5 million) and my schedule next year will have significant space to work on this

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Next meeting is tentatively scheduled for 12/3 at 2pm. We would love to have you join us!