Dual Core video shoot, December 5th

Hey there,

I am shooting a music video on December 5th, and would like to invite
all of my friendly Cincinnati nerds to be in the video. This will be
a very simple video for the song Cipher Punks
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlzmGbGMkNw#t=0m35s) from our first
album. We will be using my HD JVC camera to shoot the video, starting
at 10:00AM on Saturday, December 5th.

I could use some help with camera work, so please let me know if you
have any interest/experience in operating a camera.

Bagels and coffee will be provided to those in attendance, and quite
possibly pizza will be provided as well depending on how long we are
shooting. Please let me know if you are able to attend, and you will
be sent further details; replies can be sent directly to me.


i’m in, whenever/wherever.

when is the beach shoot in brazil?


Tomorrow is the big day. We will be shooting the video at Hive13,
located at 2929 Spring Grove Ave. Filming will commence at 10:00AM.
There will be Panera bagels, coffee, and juice for those who
volunteer. Parking is available along Spring Grove in front of the
building. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the
location on Google Street View if you've never been there before.

Adam (Xodia) and I will arrive at 9:00AM to set up so that we are
ready at 10:00AM. The bagels, et al will also be there at 9:00AM. If
possible, please arrive no later than 9:45AM so that you're not
walking in during the middle of a shot. If you need to reach me for
an urgent reason (need directions, pool's closed, etc), my Google
Voice number is 513-685-0128.

We are also holding the monthly 2600 meeting there tonight at 7:00PM.
Feel free to stop by tonight, else I'll see you tomorrow :]


Google Maps, Hive13:

Google Street View, Hive13:

One important item I forgot to mention: