Drum Sander

The sanding drum is still in place and working but the base paper appears to be coming off. Anyone know where replacement paper is if any is on hand or if I can use an adhesive and glue it back on the way it was?


Check the manual on the wiki, but that paper should just clamp in. I thought there was more in the sanding supplies at the pegboard next to the tool shelves. If not, I will get some more.


I just changed it a few days ago… it can be a bit loose on the drum (like an inch of leeway side to side) and still be fine.

If you are talking about the belt that drive the workpiece through… that has been slowly breaking for about a year and a half (been in that condition since I got it). IMO if it is still working and not causing problems, keep using it. I used some glue to tack it down once or twice, because the majority of it is fine. And lastly, I did buy a spare belt when I was warden, not sure where that floated off to, but it is dark red, and all one piece that size.

Yes Elly that belt, it is failing I would guess 1 more pass and it would fall of entirely.

It really is quite strong, despite what it looks like. So unless something changed in the last few days, it should still be alright. I’ll take a look at it in the next day or so when I am down there to drop something off.