Drum Sander Opinions

Hey everyone,

As I brought up at the meeting yesterday, something I have been wanting to add to the wood shop is a drum sander. A drum sander is similar to a planer in that it can reduce thickness of material and also finish it. A drum sander can take material that would be unsafe in a planer.

I have been looking and doing some research on these two that are listed on craig’s list. I would love to have a discussion, especially from people with experience with these tools.



I am proposing a vote that would cover the cost of the more expensive one for $600. I would like to determine if we do want to pursue these offers, and also vote for the budget at this Tuesday’s meeting, 6/16.

Also, if anyone has one to loan, or knows of other sources post here as well please.



Just to follow up on this vote:

The drum sander I originally wanted with this vote was already bought by the time the vote went though. So I’ve been waiting for another one to pop up.

Today, I met up with someone who posted the same one a few days ago. It is a nice machine, and comes with some accessories and extra abrasives that the other one didn’t have (YAY). Here is the listing: https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/tls/5122278261.html

He had already agreed to let someone else from out of town see it next week, so it isn’t ours yet. However, since we are interested in it and met him in person, we will get the machine if he can’t get a definitive answer from this other guy in the next few days.

As soon as I know anything more, I will post here.

As an added bonus, he also might be interested in coming down to visit the hive about CNC stuff!


Unfortunately the original person ended up buying the drum sander.

I am continuing to check everywhere for one. Again, if anyone sees one for sale, or knows someone who would donate/loan one to us, that would be great!!