drone with camera?

Does anyone have a drone with camera and would be willing to operate it to take a look at my roof? (I’m assuming that’s easier than me learning to fly it)

I just had a 'roofer who was working on that house over there’ knock and tell me I had damaged shingles… Offering a free inspection and estimate.

he dropped the word ‘Hail damage’ a couple times… I’d like to get some independant confirmation that something is going on up there


Give me a call. I can help you with this. Let me know if you don’t have my number.


That, by the way, is a classic scam. 100% by the script.


I have had that one pulled on me. I am not afraid of heights and looked myself…

If you do end up needing a roofer with the highest integrity ever, I have a guy who does my slate roof. He even likes it when I help and teaches me cool tricks, and charges me less for the help and company.

Also never trust a contractor who climbs your roof and gives you photos to look at. A roof always has wear, and it’s easy to make many of them look bad in photography when they’re just fine.