Driving an old iMac G5 display

OK. While here on my trip to LA, I stumbled upon an older iMac G5
that was fried. (they said the logic board isn't working) Always on
the lookout for something to hack, I asked the guy if I could have it
and he said OK. They had already stripped the hard drive, but I am
hoping to do something with the display.

It's got a LG Philips LCD 20" display (LM201w01) and the rest of the
hardware. I'd rather not haul back the whole system so I was hoping
to grab the LCD and make something with it. Is this a common enough
LCD that I can find the circuitry to drive it or am I wasting my
time? (I can always unload the display on eBay for $100 and be done
with it)