Drill missing.. yet again

I don’t get why people can’t seem to follow the simple set of rules that we asked for.

I noticed that one of our drill boxes wasn’t in its home on tuesday and waited until today to see if it would make its way back.

I looked around the space and it isn’t here unless I completely missed it. I also see nothing on this mailing list.

It is one of the blue bosch boxes. It had a regular bosch drill and an electric impact wrench as well.

This will probably be the last time I ask nicely before I start asking for real ramifications for people doing stuff like this.


This time, it is not me!



So the drill was put back under the workbench there where it normally doesn’t go.

Sorry about the angry email. :slight_smile:

Perhaps some pictures could be taken + printed out / wiki’d of where things DO go? Might make it easier for casual users to put things away where they belong.

I am working on a real system of organization for the hand tools/shelves as we speak. It should be done within the week! :slight_smile:

Go you!