Drafting Table up for grabs.

I have an old drafting table that I'm replacing with an actual desk. It has a 40"x30" top that is adjustable from level to maybe 30 - 45 degrees on angle? Never measured.

If anyone wants it let me know, it is all yours. Otherwise I'll curb alert it on Craigslist or something.

I would like it.How long would I have to pick it up? I’m volunteering Friday through Sunday at an event, and I’d need to borrow a vehicle to get it home.

Can you tell me dimensions? Does it break down at all?


(513)607-8997 cell

If Matthew Cant get it I will!

Matthew has first dibs, followed by Dan.

A second drafting table is available and living in the annex at the hive. First come first serve. If it is still here next week I'll cut it up for scrap, or a random project.

Can my class use that for assembly of our reprap project? In that case, it would say in the annex and be useful till april 29th.

Sold! To the man with the hat in the second row!