Draft Press Release for Mitch and Jimmie visit on August 17-18 to Cincinnati HIVE13


As follow-up to last night's meeting, the following text is a draft
press release announcing the visit by Mitch Altman and Jimmie P.
Rodgers to HIVE13 this coming August 17-18.

If this draft looks OK, then the evangelists can take over to spread
the word to drum up attendance.


I’d like to see something to this effect blogged (and tweeted) soon if possible. I can set people up with posting access to the site if you don’t have access already. If you don’t have an account, you can go to http://www.hive13.org/wp-login.php?action=register and then I can grant you posting access after you create an account.

I also think it would be cool to make a simple graphic to use in the blog post. Xio2, the poster designs I’ve seen you make for your events are sort of what I’m picturing if you’re not too busy to make one. Something simple like what OmniCorpDetroit did would work. See: http://www.omnicorpdetroit.com/blog/?p=93 Alternatively, we could just use a graphic from somewhere online already, but the blog post needs to have an image of some kind, imo. If we make a flyer graphic then we can use it to print real flyers and post them places.

After that, I think we need a way to start taking reservations, at least informally, so we have an idea how many people are coming. Either a Facebook event, an EventBrite page, or something similar.

In addition to publicity, we need to double check that we have Mitch’s requests covered for items he’ll need to hold the class. Chris Davis, below is the list of items he requested. Could you double check it as COO? And here is a link with some tips from Jimmie’s blog: http://jimmieprodgers.com/2010/04/soldering-setup-for-workshops/

"What I need:

  • a room big enough for everyone to solder
  • a demo table to show all the kits that people can make
  • tables and chairs for people to solder at
  • lighting (if the room doesn’t have enough)
  • soldering irons, each with a stand and sponge (ideally one per participant)
  • wire cutters (ideally one per participant)
  • power strips (one per solder iron, plus lighting, plus a hot glue
    gun, plus daisy chaining)
  • AC extension cords to get power to each power strip
  • enough printouts of the “Soldering Is Easy” comic for all participants:
    If someone can put me (and Jimmie) up while we’re in town, that’d be
    way helpful.

Thanks team!


Great job on capturing everything. Lots of good information.

I’m not an expert on this, but this appears to be a little long based on press releases I’ve hired people to write for my businesses in the past. My understanding is press releases are descriptive enough to start the conversation, not tell the whole story. If it’s too long, the writer/reporter will be overwhelmed and never read it. It should just be enough information for them to quickly read, want more information and reach out to us.

This would be great information for our web site, but I think it needs to be reduced to the basics with a link to the details page on our web site. We also need to include a contact name/number so interested reports can call for follow-up. The goal of a press release is the start a conversation.

I’ll confirm with PR people I know but that has been my experience in the past.


Yes, the press release is a bit long and can be shortened. It is easier to take out detail than put in.

I googled “Cincinnati Media Outlets” and came back with several sites like:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_in_Cincinnati. The Enquirer posts a “Calendar of local events in Cincinnati” supplement in the Friday editions (I think) and there are other publications like CityBeat that will likely publish our event.

We should begin building up a “goto” list of contacts at such places where we can send such notices as they come up. We can also refine and standardize our message going forward.

We can have several “channels” for getting the word out as Dave indicated; blogs, flyers to post; press releases to media outlets, etc.

We should also publish to our contact list at other local groups such as UC, Cincinnati State, the KOI Pound, the glass blowers group, the Dayton group, and the other organizations I can’t remember.

Anyone want to help identifying the contacts and making the list?

I created a blog post and an eventbrite for the class. Pass these links around.



Remaining todo list for Mitch's visit:
* is our space fully equipped for what Mitch needs
* are the arrangements in order for him to have a place to stay overnight
* does anyone want to design and distribute a flyer
* announce on facebook
* anything else?


I bought another wall strip of outlets that will help for soldering. Also Mitch is all set to stay with my when he arrives. I will be out of town this weekend but will be back on Monday. If the arrive before Monday they may have to stay overnight with someone else until I fly back into town.



Continue to be in direct contact with Mitch and Jimmie via e-mail about when they should arrive and how they should meet with you to stay at your available house place. That is a great deal. Thank you for having (and making) that available to them.

I am traveling and will miss tonight’s meeting.

I have gotten at least two e-mails from interested solder class folks. Do we have any sign-up?


I think the eventbrite dates are wrong:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 7:00 PM

  • to -
    Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 10:00 PM (ET)

I believe that should read Aug 18-Aug 18th, not Setp 18th. Not a big deal just makes the calendar take up a month long event :slight_smile:

Good catch. It should be fixed now. Thanks.

Yup, that fixed it. Registered.

Repeat: In case anybody missed the original link to register: http://mitchhive13.eventbrite.com/

The eventbrite is neat! There is such a plethora of tool widgets out there!


Sorry I'm tuning in a little late on this, but a couple of things
occurred to me while signing up:

- Do we have any age limits on who can take the class? I may have
missed it in the event description.

- If we are requiring a wavier to be signed, a link to it on the
eventbrite page and the blog that people can print and sign ahead of
time would be good.

- At maker faire, signing a release wavier was done away from the
tools, and you received a paper bracelet to wear - this worked very
smoothly. Would the party source have such a thing?

Good ideas.

I don't see a reason to restrict by age if a guardian is present. It
doesn't mention an age limit in the sign-up.

A waiver is probably a good idea. Should we have them sign our
standard waiver or come up with a new one for classes/workshops? The
one we normally use is here: http://wiki.hive13.org/Dead_Trees

I do not know about the bracelets. Party Source or maybe Cappels
would be a good place to look. I'll swing by the Cappels downtown
today on my lunch break.


P.S. - If you haven't signed up yet and are planning on coming, please
sign up on the Eventbrite page: http://mitchhive13.eventbrite.com/