someone came down from dayton last night for 2600 and said there was
no doorbell outside. is this true, and if so, will the doorbell be
replaced soon? said person waited an 1.5 hours and then drove back to
dayton. i advised him of the #hive13 channel, the status on, and the phone number of the hive so that in the future he
has some options to reach people.

just wanted to check on the doorbell though and see what's going on with that.


They were having some issues with people stealing the doorbell I
think. I was just having a discussion with Paul about this last
Tuesday, about rigging up a ;ring_doorbell command on IRC or
something, or like a number you could text message. Of course, there's
the ability for this to be abused as well, but it would be a nice
project anyway. And I'm sure once everyone was done initially abusing
the doorbell command, it would taper off and people would actually use
it for what it was intended. There's also the phone number for the
hive, which IS hooked up (513-593-9292). If anyone's there, I usually
get an answer.

Maybe we should post the phone number on the door as well.

Posting number on door sounds like a great idea.

it's possible to receive text messages at the hive's phone number.
right now they go to my inbox.