Door readers not working

I tried to use the card reader this morning and it beeps but the main door does not unlock.
I was able to get in with my door code.

The annex card reader has a solid green light and also reads my card but doesn’t do anything. I’d like to do some work on the electronics area today. I can muscle myself in if needed. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking intweb is down.
If I try to go to it never loads.
If there is something I can do to reboot things just let me know.

There was reportedly a lengthy power outage in Camp Washington last night. I’d guess that the server rack UPS ran low and the rack is powered down. I’ll be down later today to restart things if no one beats me to it.

  • Ry

The server by the metal room seems to be working.

Is there somewhere else to check.


we need to setup some kind of backup access for the annex. The codes for the front door seem to work even if the card reader is offline but there is no backup to get into the annex.

I can force my way in but I don’t want to break something.

The soda machine is beeping every few minutes, I’m guessing it is related to the car reader problem.

Perhaps some reboot instructions could be posted?

I’m heading out to meet my wife for lunch, probably be back later this afternoon.