Donation: Samsung CLP -550N

I can get (for free) from my work a color laser printer.(CLP-550N from Samsung). It works fine but there is some stripe when you print something and maybe it needs some cleaning. I know the hive already have one. So do we need a second one?


I’m gonna say no on this one since we already have one that is in fully working condition and we have supplies, etc for it. It also seems to have pretty bad reviews and I don’t want to constantly deal with a broken printer.

If you want to see if someone wants it for themselves I am fine with that.

Thanks for being on the lookout though!


Is it worth the hassle to take it and put it on Craig’s list AS-IS for the money?


If I just looked at the right pricing… damn those are expensive cartridges for a printer that’s-- oh. I’m seeing some VERY different pricings online for this printer. and compatible toner cartridges seem much more reasonable.

Well if the printer is printing lines on the page its unlikely worth much the cost to repair the fuser or the corona drum ususally cost about 80% or more the price of a new printer… Though it might be a nice tear down for all the gears, motors and rod’s :stuck_out_tongue: but thats just me.