Donation of back issues of "Fine Woodworking" magazine to the Hive

Hi All,

Some know I've been cleaning house (you can't take it all with you when you downsize) and part of that process is finding new homes for old things. One of the old things is two dusty boxes of back issues of "Fine Woodworking" magazine; specifically issue #16 (May/June 1979) to issue #87 (March/April 1991). Each issue is a timeless trove of old-school knowledge on techniques and inspirational projects.

I brought this donation to the meeting tonight to be available for any of the Hive woodworkers to peruse and enjoy before Lounge Warden and Hive library custodian WillB invariably moves it to the dumpster. The two boxes are currently on the kitchen punter near the purgatory shelves, first-come, first-served, till they're not.