Donated Inventory Triage

Over the last few days, I’ve done triage on the inventory donated last Tuesday by Kevin’s employer.

There are a number of Allan Bradley and other industrial controls plus some cool old instruments we may be able to sell.
These and a load of mil-spec connectors are set aside for sale on the black shelves by the metal room. If you can help us sell them for something your input would be appreciated.

Materials set aside for Hive13 member use and Hive 13 internal projects are poly-carbonate sheets, sheet metal, cable, relays and push button controls. These have been tagged.

There is a lot of metal to be salvaged for raw material value. Please don’t mix up the various metal types.

I hope to get the salvage out of Hive in the next week.


Cool. Thanks for all the work.

I call dibs on the mil spec stuff. I can use it.