Does the Hive want a HD DVD player?

It lost the format war and ended up in my basement as a refugee. I
want the space in my basement back. If it doesn't come to the Hive it
will end up on craigslist / at goodwill. It's a Toshiba and I think I
might have the remote for it somewhere? Component-style about 1"
thick. Works perfect.

It plays regular DVD’s right? I would be interested in it for that, if nothing else.

I would say give it to someone else. I think there is already an HD DVD player sitting on top of the tv that was in the lounge. Not sure if it was working though.


Negative, the DVD player that was sitting on top of that TV had to be jump started because the motor that spins the DVD was a bit shot.

Ok, I’ll bring it Tuesday and we can junk the one that is marginal.