Do you use Fusion 360? - Have you read about the New Licensing program?

AutoDesk has announced a change to the Hobbyist / Startup license that I’ve been using for over a year.

I’m getting bombarded almost daily with ads to spend $310 to convert to a commercial license before October 31. (Shades of shamwow)

The free replacements are either a Personal Use version or a Start Up version.
Personal / non-commercial use gets access to the design, engineering, documentation, and manufacturing capabilities included in a current Fusion 360 commercial subscription. Access to collaboration, data management capabilities, and commercial software translators (NX, Catia, Solidworks, Creo, and Inventor) is not included. Also, support is provided through community forums.

Would you miss any of the missing features? The only one that I’ve used is the collaboration capability.

I might qualify for the startup version or maybe Hive13 could. Criteria: Businesses with 10 or fewer employees. or Businesses (including parent entities) generating less than $100,000 USD in total annual revenue.

Does this affect you? Would you pay for Fusion 360? Should Hive13 go for a Starup License?


I think it’s worthwhile to discuss licenses for hive.

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I think it’s worth reaching out to Autodesk.

I was able to get a half-dozen (full) licenses to the Autodesk Suite, about 3 years ago, for my non-profit. (This included the commercial version of Fusion 360.)

I’ll reach out to my old contact and see if they have a process we can jump

Eligibility for nonprofits

Autodesk offers nonprofits one-year renewable subscriptions, valued at up to $60,000 USD annually. Nonprofits must meet the following eligibility requirements*:

  • Be a 501c3 nonprofit or equivalent
  • Have a non-discrimination policy
  • Have an annual operating budget less than $10 million USD

Well, we have two out of three covered. Need to ratify the code of conduct to cover #2

Thanks Dave,
same “bombing” happened to me lasts days, I just downloaded the personal license and it replaced the Hobbyist/Startup and is working OK.