Do we still have black pipe from air pipe install

Hey all,

Do we still have some of the black pipe from the air compressor piping install left over? It would be helpful, as I’m putting a water trap, regulator and quick couplers in electronics. I saw some a while ago, but forgot to look last night.

While I’m at it, I could run a line to the meeting area in case we switch to a pneumatic powered projector…


I think there might be a piece, 1/2", about 4-5’. I used some of it for the new pipe clamps, so it might be time to buy some more. Luckily it’s cheap, so should be able to get it on the warden’s sheet.

I believe there is some in the metal room…also found that air regulator (I think) you were looking for and left it on one of your plotters.

Thanks. 5’ will be enough.