Do we have an air nibbler?

Hey, need to cut some sheet metal, do we have an air nibbler?


I’ve found that shears are almost as quick, though a bit more painful if you’re doing a lot of cutting. I’ve got a few sets at home from when I put a metal roof on my house. Let me know, and I can bring them down tomorrow.

I also know of a cnc plasma cutter on victory parkway campus Lorin. Lmk if you want the guys contact info.

I guess that means no…

Andrew, I often need to cleanly cut slots and cutouts from the interior of sheets. I use a hand nibber (talk about hand pain). You’d need to drill a very large hole to get sheers into the middle of a sheet of metal…

Otherwise, hand sheers are good.

You could also rent one, ~$20 per day. I’ve got links to Schulhoff in Walnut Hills, but there might be something closer:

Or buy one from Horrible Freight: