Do we have a sets of center drills and spotting drills?

Do we have a sets of center drills and spotting drills?

I couldn’t find any last time I looked. We should get some if we don’t already have them.

I believe there is a small set in the lathe toolbox. Small yellow plastic case if I remember correctly.

I will check again, as I am good at missing things, but I didn’t see them in there when I was looking for them last week…

We own a set. It is in a little yellow box. It keeps migrating to the tool box. Sometimes under the Mill. Every time I find it wandering it goes back to the Lathe chest.
Perhaps next time, I’ll make a label saying the same. You’d think the little box would eventually learn to stay home.


I found the little orange box with the center drills in it last night. I’m going to order some spotting drills to put in with the drill bits

Lets decide where to keep them and put a label on the box. :grin:

Lathe Center drills belong with lathe tooling, spotting drills belong with the drill bits in the black cabinet drawer

Sounds like a plan. If I’m down there I’ll label the center drills “keep me in the lathe tool box”.