DIY CSI Forensics at Hive13 tonight

This is just a quick reminder for the meeting tonight were our 2nd
Tuesday guest speaker this month is member Brian Cochran. He will
provide an informative look into Do-It-Yourself Crime-Scene-
Investigation Forensics using real CSI jobs and case studies.

Members, guests, first-time-walk-ins, and those interested in law
enforcement and criminal investigations are welcome to come to hear
this presentation. The talk starts at 7:30 pm. Come early to work on
your projects and/or join the meet and greet and then learn about this
different kind of “making” (the case) skill.


Oh no, that’s tonight?! Bummer, I have a meeting at 6pm…not sure how long it will run. Maybe I can catch part of it still :frowning:

Heh, I was going to skip because I got in so late from my trip last night… but I’ll be down after a short trip home!


Hey all,
does anyone have Brian Cochran’s contact info? Looked on the mailing list but don’t see it. Got a question about the perforated steel he used during this demonstration.