DIY-CNC update: Z-axis mechanical drive ready for hot motor testing

DIY-CNC team:

The Z-axis mechanical drive is ready for hot motor testing. The 4-
wire NEMA-17 stepping motor is fitted with a solid shaft coupling to
the 5mm dia x 0.8mm pitch lead screw. One revolution of the screw
advances the carriage 0.8mm.

I'll bring it early to Tuesday's meeting in case we/ll have a ready
matching stepper driver board to mate up to make it move.


FYI, I put some time into the laptop last week to get the linux CNC
running on it. While I manged to get a linux kernel with real time
support I have not had much luck with the emc2 source code as of yet.
I did not try the live CD yet. That might just work out of the box.
If nothing else we could also play with using that as well.