DIY-CNC Tutorial on NC programming using CAMBAM at 6:30pm this Tuesday, Nov. 24 at HIVE13

Head into the holidays fired up to tackle a new skill; come to the
HIVE this coming Tuesday, Nov. 24th at 6:30 pm before the 7:30 pm
business meeting and learn the basics of NC programming using the
CAMBAM PLUS software application. Beginners and newbies are welcome!
Start preparing what parts you'll cut when the DIY-CNC team eventually
gets the HIVE's version 0 mini-CNC mill finish designed, built, and
operating someday soon. Join the DIY-CNC team and expand our
capabilities with your valued contributions.

Visit the CAMBAM website and check out the
possiblities in the gallery area. Download a free trial copy (demo
license good for 40 trial uses) of this $149.00 software package and
bring it loaded and ready to go on your laptop, or just sit back with
a beer and watch the projected screen images on the wall.

CAMBAM PLUS is a Windows-based application that provides an
interactive environment to graphically define machining operations
(profiling, pocketing, engraving, drilling, etc.) and output G-code
programs that instruct a CNC mill (or plasma-cutter, or laser-cutter,
or fill-in-the-blank whatever machine) to make your parts virtually

The tutorial will be informal and geared to the beginner, young and
old alike. We'll cover typical jargon and answer any-and-all
questions as we cover the basics starting with a 2-D DXF drawing file
and putting some toolpaths onto some simple geometry. Play 'stump-the-
instructor' and ask really hard questions too. See you there, then.