DIY-CNC needs a 25-pin, male-to-male parallel port cable for tests tonight

Can anyone bring a 25-pin, male-to-male parallel port cable to the
hive tonight in the hour before the business meeting?

The DIY-CNC team intends to be rotating three steppers under CNC
control in the test rig tonight.

We need the cable to connect the laptop to the breakout board, just
for tonight's tests.


I found a M to F cable, and I remember putting a DB25 gender changer
in a box at the hive sat. but I don't remember which way it swings.
I'll make another sweep later for a M-M cable.

Were you able to take pictures of your adapter board so I can figure out what chips they use on it?


Jim wrote:

I think there is a Parallel cable or two in the white plastic bins but
I don't know if they are M-M or what. Just an FYI.