DIY-CNC mechanical piece-parts sites for Paul

OK. The DIY-CNC group stayed late and had a long team discussion
after the HIVE meeting earlier tonight. We're making progress but it
seems slow sometimes. At any rate, this e-mail is for Paul, to share
some mechanical piece part web sites. = this is where I got my lead screws with
zero backlash nuts for the linear drives on my current home CNC
machine. I used the ZBXF type nuts and they work well. We're going
to cheap out and use 5mm threaded rod for the rev.0 HIVE machine. = this site is known for their energy
chains (powertrack) which is segmented plastic protection for flexible
cable runs. They also have pretty neat plastic mechanical flange
bearing blocks and rod ends. They also make the linear bearing that
is an aluminum track and bearing block with plastic wear inserts. = this is the mother of all good things
mechanical. I love the way this web site is structured for part
searches. = a really interesting approach and site
although I have not bought anything from them yet.