Disposing of Equipment


In case you missed it, here is how the trash disposal is (hopefully)
going to work for this month. In future months this should continue,
but it won't be this aggressive.

From June 1 through June 8 "junk" was placed in the taped off area in

the hackerspace labeled "TRASH". No junk should be entering the area
right now.

This Saturday, June 12, we will host a Salvage Day at which we
encourage you to stop by and take things away that have value to you.
Please place anything you take into your personal storage area or take
it home. We will also be taking some of the junk apart to scavenge
useful components, etc. After Saturday, we will be attempting to
dispose of anything that is left in the Junk Area. So - at least in
theory - don't expect anything to be there when you come next Tuesday.

Starting on next Tuesday, June 15, the Junk Area will be open again
for items to migrate in. It will be open for one week again and then
there will be a moratorium week for people to come and take what they
want away. Then we may or may not hold another Salvage Saturday on
June 26 depending on if folks are available. Finally, we'll haul
everything away again on or before Tuesday, June 29.

We still haven't found destinations for all the junk we expect to
have. We think we can take some to CCC, some to HCDOES, some to 2TRG,
and put some of it in the dumpster. We'd like to keep it as
environmentally friendly as possible. As I said, we'd like to nail
down where it will go so that it can be gone by next Tuesday.
Volunteers to help contact the disposal destinations mentioned above
(or others) would be welcome.

Remember, not everything in the Junk Area is completely worthless. If
you brought something to the space and don't want it thrown away, you
might want to double check to see if it's in the Junk Area between now
and next Tuesday. Also, much of the equipment is perfectly good and
is free to a good home - it just can't live at the hackerspace. So
stop by if you get a chance.

The goal is to do this Junk Disposal Cycle approximately once a month,
including a regularly scheduled Take-Apart Saturday.

If you have any questions, or concerns, let us know.


Just to clarify Dave’s email, because I noticed at one point he said you have until next Tuesday to remove stuff, when actually you only have until this Saturday if you wish it to still be intact when you retrieve it.

So note these dates:

  1. This coming Saturday, June 12, anything that is still in the ‘trash’ zone is fair game for destruction and disposal.
  2. Next Tuesday, June 15, we begin the cycle again, putting stuff in the ‘trash’ zone for potential disposal.
  3. Following Tuesday, June 22, We stop putting stuff in the ‘trash’ zone and allow people to claim items.
  4. Following Saturday, June 26, We begin destruction and disposal of items in ‘trash’ zone.

Here's a brief re-cap of tear-down day yesterday:

Thurman and I went through and straightened things up a little bit so
it would be easier to tell what's there. We made a row of servers and
rack-mount equipment, a row of PC's, and stacked all the laptops on
the table. We went through the PCs and grabbed any memory or
hard-drives that seemed like they could be useful. I set aside these
components in a box that is still sitting in the trash area, so
they're still free for the taking. Also, once Ed got there we looked
through the laptops and got a little laptop ram and some mini-pci wifi
cards and put them in the box too. I wouldn't say there is anything
that would constitute an intact PC in the trash area, but one could
probably be cobbled together. The exception to that would be the Macs
and the servers. I think several of the servers are still working
perfectly fine and we didn't look at the Macs at all.

We talked a little about selling the items on Tuesday and a little
more on Saturday. Maybe it would make sense to sell some of this
equipment before disposing it to a recycler. Ed suggested putting
some of it on eBay and some of it on craigslist. There may be people
out there that would be willing to buy some of this stuff. Another
idea would be have an open-to-the public rummage sale. I would be
available to work something like that tomorrow (Monday) night, and I
think Ed said he could be there too if we decided to do that. I'll be
there tomorrow night either way, but won't be able to make it over
there today at all.


With all of this in mind, is there any reason the Hive would be able to make use of
4 desktop PCs
1 tower server


Catherine Sandrick

It depends on what specs of the desktops and tower are. I am pretty sure that all of the computers that we are scrapping are Pentium 2’s and lower. There might be a couple < 1 Ghz Pentium 3’s in the mix as well.

Agreed. Sadly nothing less than a P4 is worth it…


Also I would like to propose that if anybody is interested in selling the items (ebay, wherever) and is willing to give money to the hive for the sale than they should be able to claim a portion of the money for the time and effort of selling them. After all, there is nothing to stop somebody from just claiming something from the trash and selling it for 100% profit. So to me, I would be grateful for any amount given to the hive but I don’t feel that anybody taking the time to sell these should have to work uncompensated. So if somebody sets up and runs a rummage sale I expect you to keep some money for yourself :slight_smile:



Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services is having a
drop-off day this coming Saturday, June 19th from 9a - 2p.


This drop-off day is free to Hamilton County residents, but it is not
open to companies - including non-profits like Hive13. You have to
show proof of residency such as a driver's license.

If some of us were to make some of the junk our personal property,
this would be a great opportunity for to dispose of it. :wink: