Display cases and fixtures free stuff

did anyone see this post? I don’t see it on the google group

Sounds like the Craig’s List scam where someone posted that their house was going to be torn down and people could come get whatever they wanted.
Turned out the real owner was out of town and it was a revenge crime.
Funny thing is the people that came to the house showed the police their craigslist ad and said it was legal.

No, your question is the first time I saw this show up.

hardly a scam… I helped him move craptons of his stuff into storage, I was down there tuesday to pick up a light that I’d loaned them during the moveout. And he told me that the deal for some of the fixtures fell through… At this point they are going to be abandoned in the building - so whoever wants some of it for their own use was welcome to it.

It was a bit flaky for about an hour here, could click on posts, but spun on loading, then kinda completed with blank field for the tig discussion, others worked, but not that thread. First I saw this too, but I did do a mark all read.

the clothing racks are NICE… sturdy, adjustable heights… I’ve been hanging clothes on the Ibeam in my basement… If I had room, I’d be grabbing at least one of them, but until I move some stuff out, I can’t -oh well.

I thought Brad might be interested in a few of the wire baskets that work with pegboard (for tools) I like them.

I’ll call Scott later today. I could use alot of this… damn I didn’t know land sea and air was gone.