Dishwasher Certification Class

Instructor: Nancy

Full multi-course series about the dishwasher.
Learn how the various settings are used to remove grease, curry oil, and meat from dishes.
Learn to properly load cooking utensils.
Learn to deal with dairy products on pots.
Learn what to do with carbonated and foam covered glasses.

Meeting every Wednesday evening at the Hive Kitchen

Varies week to week, ~$5
Open to hive members only

*please see Nancy or Dustin for more information and coordination if interested.

To deter improper loading of the dishwasher, please refrain from posting details discussed in class.
-Thank you.


Looking forward to another dishwashing class.

That wok is apparently too big to fit into the dishwasher safely.

Proper protocol involves using the blunt end of wooden chopstix to scrape off burnt on debris, prior to a quick soap and rinse.
Re-coat with thin layer of oil or butter prior to storage.

Had a great class!