Dish Migration

I was running out of places to put dishes while attempting to soothe the savage sink, and it occurred that we have a large and largely empty credenza.

I’ve (Temporarily at least. I think Nancy has a better long term solution in mind.) moved the porcelain plates and bowls, and most of the glasses to said credenza between the bathroom and the main doors. Plates and bowls are now in the middle drawer on the left side. Glasses are now on the lower shelf in the upper cabinet. I cannot yet vouch for the cleanliness of the glasses on the upper two shelves.

The things that the Hive dishwasher does are not best described as “washing”. It’s more of a dish fouling process, really. The availability of clean towels and the allocation of additional storage should make it easier to manually clean and store dishes immediately after they’re used.

We can but hope. And wash our dishes. That second bit might work out better than hoping, come to think of it.

  • Ry

Perhaps we should investigate fixing or replacing the dishwasher? It’s not that expensive to do either usually…

From my experience washing dishes by hand in the sink I think a major

contributor to the dish wetters problem is not enough hot water.