Discussion: Social media presence for the Hive

The Hive is growing and continuing to grow means that people need to be able to find out about the place. Social media is growing to be an increasingly important way for people to do so.

Putting aside any personal feelings you may have about Facebook, a lot of people use it. I am of the opinion that having a strong presence on FB for the hive would be a good thing, especially if it serves to channel people towards the medium(s) that are more accepted for communication with the group at large, namely the mailing list/google group and hive website.

Currently, AFAIK the hive has only a CLOSED group. There is not any more of a presence. I think at a bare minimum, we need to have an OPEN group. I don’t really see the point of a closed group for an entity like this, but I’m willing to listen to others’ input if they feel there is a compelling reason to keep it closed or operate a closed group in addition to an open one.

I also think it might be good to have a page that can be liked as another way of publicizing what goes on at the hive.

Also, G+ shouldn’t be neglected IMHO. It’s packed (statistically speaking) a lot more full of geeks and intellectuals that form our core source of new recruits. Some form of G+ presence for the hive would be a good thing, IMHO.

Last but not least - social media only works if people use it. For instance, if we go the route of having a facebook page, it would be nice to keep events and news posted on the website syncrhoized or syndicated somehow with the FB page. To have things and not use them much is almost worse than not having them at all.

As the subject of this implies - I’d like to get a discussion going about this. I’m currently CTO but this isn’t something I am willing to able to do properly without help from the larger group. I also don’t want to make any decisions that might offend the sensibilities or principles of anyone. So discuss away! I’ve thrown some small ideas out there. Criticize, suggest, discuss.


Having a meat-robot (human) sync all that stuff is a complete pain in the butt. I think it would be wise to look into a tool or script to automatically repost from one social media platform to another. The obvious answer is hootsuite but you have to set up every instance on every box you use, so it’s not great. It may have changed since I last used.

I agree wholeheartedly. Automation tools would be a key element to doing this properly.

All of this sounds good to me. I agree with every point. I didn’t know there was a facebook group or if I did, I’ve forgotten.

In particular, I would love it if there were a g+ community and possibly some way for the hangout link to be static. I appreciate how Ryan sends out a new link ever week, but last night I couldn’t get it to work on my phone last night. Most likely user error, but it began to grow comical before I gave up.

Off topic, but others might find the sequence of events amusing, or be able to point out the dumb thing I didn’t think to do. First I followed the link, which told me that my google talk was obsolete and needed to be upgraded to google hangouts. It then tried to load the store in the browser (instead of the google play app) but the upgrade link was greyed out. I eventually figured out that there was an off screen (i.e. I had to scroll) dialog box saying I wasn’t signed in. And then when I attempted to sign in, I was asked to provide my authentication code from the app on my phone. While I probably could have tried to go to that app, write down the number and then race back to the browser to enter it before it expired, that seemed like a route doomed to failure. So instead I logged into the play store and downloaded the new version. Once inside the google hangout app, it showed me every hangout I have ever done EXCEPT all the hive ones. Possibly because I’ve always done the hive ones from an email link rather than to a friend or community. Going back to the email I tried to follow the link again. Which again took me to the web page for the store, still claiming I needed to upgrade google talk. That’s when I gave up.

If there were a hive google community*, I think one could just initiate or join a hangout with that community. That’s how I collaborated with famine games people for the xbox puzzle.

*Or if I knew how to join any existing one. I’d just go ahead and create one, but I want to make sure one doesn’t exist and hear other opinions first.

Continuing further afield of the topic…

Apologies if I’m not being Googly enough for the Google club. Their social media offerings have been painful in that exact way every time I’ve tried to interact with them. So outside the HiveTV account, I don’t really bother.

That said, there’s already a Hive13 google plus account, which I invite to begin the hangout each week. If a Google circle or whatever they’re calling their social groups these days could be created with that account as the admin, I’d be happy to add it to the invitation list while setting up the weekly meeting hangouts.

Who has admin access to that account? Just Craig?

I certainly don’t. :slight_smile: Once someone figures out who does, can we please add details of it to the Hive IT google spreadsheet please?

There are currently 13 managers of the +Hive13Org page


I have no idea who Hive Smith is but any of these accounts should work for managing the page. I am happy to add more (assuming I can figure out the new interface)

Hive Smith is the account used for HiveTV, so I guess that means I have admin access myself. ~the more you know~

I'll see what's involved in setting up a Hive13 community from the Google+ page.

I also wonder if starting a hangout from that page automagically invites everyone following Hive13. The page is unclear on this point. Did anyone just get blasted with a hangout notification?

Social Media is not easy. It’s work. And it’s not easily automated. Quite frankly, there needs to be a meat person committed to making sure things are up to date in different places, even though that is a pain in the butt.

Consider an event we might have: It would need to be added to the Google Calendar. Perhaps there is an Eventbrite page. So the Eventbrite should be added to the Google Calendar page. And we should blog it and tweet it. So now, does the Eventbrite link back to the blog post, or does the blog post link back to the Eventbrite? I guess both? How would software do that? Which one should be linked in the Google Calendar? Both? And then someone should post to the Mailing List, Facebook, Google+, etc. And then what about repeating the announcement again multiple times as the date gets closer? Practically none of these things can be automated.

In another community I’m in, when there are posts like this to the mailing list, the accepted response is “Thanks for volunteering to take care of this.” Except Dave has clearly not volunteered, so we’re back where we started…

If someone can prove me wrong by building an intelligent Hive13SocialMediaBot, then be my guest.



We should add this to the task for our first hired student employee :wink:


Dave Menningeer, thankyou for your input. This is exactly the kind of thing that I wanted to hear.

My initial thoughts are something along the lines of:
-Have designated official announcement channels (at this point: website, hive13 calendar, etc.)
-Duplicate those onto social media pages (Facebook, G+) with a linkback to the source (website)

That is better than nothing IMHO, and something that would be reasonably easy to manage due to the relatively low traffic. Any voluntary contributions from members would be bonus.

Thanks for your thoughts on this Dave - exactly what I was looking to hear in terms of constructive criticism.
-Dave B.


Check out https://ifttt.com/ and HootSuite. Those will get you most of the way to “post once in one place and echo out into a bunch of secondary places”.