Discussion: Sale Value of the Gigabot 3D Printer

This thread is ONLY for discussion about how much we could sell the Gigabot for if we decided to do so. NOT for discussion of if we should. I'll make another thread for that once there is some idea of what we could even get for it.

No that that is out of the way:

There has been some discussion recently about getting rid of some of the long term project tools the hive has that never seem to got to a useful state, one of which is the Gigabot. Before we discuss the options, what is a machine like the Gigabot worth in the state it is in currently? I'm not much on 3D Printing, much less on Keeping up with the various machines. Anyone have a good ballpark estimate?

I've posted a thread to Reddit asking this question, we will see what answers show up there.

Dave V. Also found a Craigslist ad for one at $4500, though no idea how it compares to ours. (Their's is a 3+, I think ours is an original model?)



Kevin M.

It may be worth investigating its status. I never payed much attention because I never intended to use it BUT at one point it had some conditions tied to its presence at the Hive. TL;DR: it may not be ours to sell.

Regarding the original question: broken 3d printers are about as desirable as dirty lingerie. While they may have been sexy and expensive new, their current state leaves them with almost no value. Looking at functioning large area 3D printers for the value for our gigabot is like looking at Barrett Jackson auctions for the value of a rusted out vintage car found in a field.

I think there are two questions that will give a reasonable answer to what the Gigabot is worth:

  1. What are the parts of the Gigabot worth if disassembled? What communities / websites would find value in these components?
  2. Can the Gigabot be cannibalized to make something useful?

-Dave B.

May also be good to evaluate also what it would cost to get it running as well for calculating price. Assuming that is possible and we aren't just unloading caveat emptor.


I know you said you only wanted this thread to be a discussion about how much we could sell the Gigabot for but this Dave B’s remark seems to be a pressing issue that needs to be answered first. Is it ours to sell? What are these attached strings? If we don’t want it is there someone we can call to say “come get this thing”? Will there be hard feelings if it is returned in a non-working state? Not a fan of strings attached deals, especially ones that are undocumented and current members and leadership are unaware of.


iirc we bought it outright from them for around 2k a few years back.

From wiki: “We were initially loaned this item from Virtual Print Labs. After a year they approached us about buying it and we subsequently purchased it for $2k at the February 17, 2015 meeting.”

Discussion of what it would take/cost to fix it can go in a different thread… I’ve heard lots of claims and there has never been progress, all I want to know is what we could offer it up for sale for… I plan to put up a vote to sell it and use the funds to set up some more functional/useful 3d printer in it’s place (what depend on the thoughts on it’s value).

my intent would be, once we have an idea of it’s value, to evaluate options for a replacement (likely something less… stupid/large) that would be useful to the hive, and put up a vote to sell the gigabot and buy the new thing. If the vote passed, it would be offered up to membership first to see if someone wanted it, else-wise I’d post it on craigslist or look for other buyers (leadership got an email from someone interested in buying it, though with no offered price).

For my USD 0.02…

I’d be happy to acquire the extruded aluminum and related “carcass” pieces. But, that’s about all I see worth anything - scrap for internal-use parts otherwise as was suggested.


I’d be very interested in buying the Gigabot if the price is right.


A few suggestions on preparations before selling the gigbot.

  1. Identify all the gigabot inventory.

  2. Photograph the gigbot and 3D prints made in 2019 as proof it works.

  3. Place an Ad on eBay and let those who are interested to establish the right price through bids.

The Hive13 issue with Gigabot is that it is not as simple to use or as fast or as reliable as the ultimaker.

We also have very few cases that actually need such a large workspace.

Just my bit of input.

Hmmm… While an ad on eBay would help establish its real market value it suggests that we would take responsibility for packaging and shipping it and I am very much opposed to Hive13 assuming any such responsibilities. Personally I think we should merely point at it and say “here it is, have fun loading it into your truck”. Our reach should not be any further than someone would be reasonably willing to drive with a rental truck and a friend.

If a member/contributor (I don’t know your status?) like Bill who has done a lot for the space over the years wants it, I say let them make a reasonable offer. Knowing Bill, I bet he might be able to give the space some things more valuable than $ (or at least partially?) that would be of more use to the space. Ebay is a pain in the dick. Bill is not. :slight_smile:

(Said by someone who pays ebay thousands of dollars a year in seller fees)

So allow members to bid first.


My intent is to do an auction-style show of hands to get a feel what the membership thinks it’s worth at the meeting tonight.

After that, I’ll post a vote thread with a proposed starting price and the plan that it will be offered up to members first for a week, then to outsiders for a week with the price dropped every two weeks if it doesn’t sell.

Since I don’t think we came to a conclusion last night (besides discussing it at the board meeting)…

My thoughts (I don’t want the gigabot but here’s my evaluation of its “realistic” worth)

  1. Nothing similar comes up on Ebay when searching for Gigabot / generic 3d print searches.
  2. The current generation is >$15k (v3)
  3. Unlikely someone is looking for a old machine like it…1. Scrap value - I guess that one could order all of the material from chinese-based sites for about $250-$350
  4. As-is It is assembled and “working” - $300-$350
  5. Its a corner-case-use-machine. It’ll probably take some time to sell online…
  6. It’s going to have a huge shipping cost which probably means no one will want it…1. We’ll probably be better off get a “best offer” from community and get rid of it.
    Conclusion: start the bid at $200 for the community for 14 days. Best offer gets it.

Just my $.02

Thanks Ralph, that’s the type input I was hoping for. If anyone has their own take on that but with different numbers and reasons why, please share.



There is one member who has let me know they are interested in it for ~$500 if we decide to sell it, so I think that may be a more reasonable starting point, but your logic seems sound.

I’ve had a few discussions about this with people directly and here is the info I have been given.

$350 is significantly lower than the raw material consts in the system
A few people with some knowledge said they estimate the value between 500 - 1000
A few internal members have offered $500

I think the bulk of the questions become

  1. Do we legitimately need a printer that is larger than our ulimaker 2?
  2. Do we need a printer as big as the gigabot?
  3. Would we be better served with equipment better suited to abusive hands like we have?
  4. Would we want to maximize the money we would trade it for, or the simplicity of the trade?

My opinions are:

  1. maybe? / Not really?
  2. NO
  3. YES -As a group, we operate most tools like monkeys with rocks and hammers.
  4. I’d push for simplicity. So offer it to any current member for $600 and if there are no takers, Craigslist it for $900.

We could then use that as seed money for starting a search for a more abuse torrent printer if we feel we want such an item…

Just my opinion, and if others feel differently please say something and sway my opinion.

Broken shit and unfinished projects are worth what someone will pay for them.
If the motivation for this is to free up space and provide more useful resources, then I think having an “internal auction” where we accept silent bids from members for 2 weeks and sell it to the highest bidder makes sense. If we take it to external sites (craigslist ebay etc.) we’re inviting delays and waiting.
A member wants it? let them have it.
More than one member wants it? let them say how much it’s worth to them and set an end date.
Strongly favor selling it to whichever member wants to pay the most for it in an expedient manner.