Dinner Tuesday

After investigating the kitchen and accounting for claimed food

We have:

Dave B: 1 serious wok
Brandon: A bunch of short grain white rice!
Paul: Chicken Tenders
P2Chris: A bunch of Asian Style Veggies, frozen, from Kroger.
Lauren/Margott: Cooking, Rice cooker for the night, olive oil

If you want to bring anything else, please do so.

We still need:

A shit ton of Soy Sauce
Two Lemons
Paper/plastic bowls for the hive if you don't want to use the paper
Utensils! We have some but not enough for everyone. Donations are
Serving bowls. Too many of our large containers are NOT food safe!

I have soy sauce, sesame oil, sambal, chllis and other goodness.

Two things:
1) Sriracha sauce? Yes plz? http://www.huyfong.com/no_frames/sriracha.htm

2) Will there be any veggie friendly options? I have a +1. :]

Sambal > siracha

like x10. :slight_smile:

Bring some Tofu and I'll cook it up separately. Thank you for the

So I realized that I might not be able to make it to the Hive tonight.
If I were to Paypal someone some money, would they be able to pick up
the rice and such? If not I can probably head down around 7 ish.

I'll see what shows up when I get to the hive at 5:30 or 5pm Tuesday,
and pick up the other stuff from the market.

I think Paul went to grab some stuff tonight, so I'm pretty sure he's
picking up the rice for me. I'm just going to pay whoever when I

I will be coming straight from work with the Wok, propane, etc. I officially get off at 6pm and it’s about a 20 minute drive from Florence. The wok is the last thing you need so you should be good. The burner puts out enough heat to get the wok glowing red if need be so shit cooks fast if you want it to.

Wok is down at the space. I cleaned and re-seasoned it but it could probably still stand to be heated up and seasoned a little more and rubbed down with salt a little more to get a better surface. It’s a little uneven still.

I forgot sambal at home. remembered sesame oil and chilli powders. BE CAREFU WITH THESE. Many are several orders of magnitude hotter than anything you are used to seeing. Very tasty but must be managed carefully.