Dinner tuesday: Soup of butternut squash & corn

I've heard no one else mention anything about dinner this Tuesday, and
I've been wanting to make something, so I was looking at making a
butternut squash and corn soup. I can get most of the ingredients
myself, but I will need help with two things particularly:
- Can someone bring around 10-12 cups of vegetable stock, preferably
not the high-sodium type? I'd make it myself but I don't think I am
going to have time.
- If anyone has bowls to bring (disposable or otherwise, I don't
care), please let me know; otherwise I'll grab some of those.
- As expected, I will need some help peeling and cutting things like
squash, onions, and garlic.

Dave, I think your ginormous wok gets to rest this week.

I'll be at the space around 5:30 tomorrow.

I can bring the broth and be there a bit early. Though, I might not be
there until a little after 5:30, unless someone can grab me from
Clifton around 5ish...