Dinner Tuesday night!

I like pizza, but I also like switching it up! I need volunteers for
ingredients and cleanup. I was thinking pizza casserole or stir fry
with white rice, asian veggies and pork. If you have other
suggestions, please let me know so I can put together an ingredient
list. Since the meeting is at 7:30 on Tuesday, I'd be there at 5:30
to check on ingredients and prep for cooking. Also, if you respond to
this post, please note your meal preference as pizza casserole, stir
fry or other.


Excellent plan! I vote stir fry - let me know what to bring.

I have a 22" wok and a burner from a turkey fryer that works wonders with said wok. It’s large enough for 15-20 servings worth of food easily. Also can make a mean massmun curry…

This is taking the HIVE to a whole new level. I love it!
Unfortunately, I'll be out-of-town this Tuesday June 7, but if we keep
it going in upcoming weeks, I'll help with preparations.

If someone (and Chris Davis is an expert at this) could scrounge us a
used Craig's list gas grill, we could cart it out back and do burgers
and/or other grill food on some Tuesday nights. Just a thought...


Food other than pizza sounds amazing. I am pretty omnivorous and I
will try nearly anything once.

Things to consider is that we would need food for ~10-12 people. Also,
the pizza is $26 each Tuesday and we put out a "Pay what you want"
donation jar. We also have dedicated profits from the pop machine to
Tuesday food. Since I typically buy the pizza I reimburse myself at
the end of the night from the donation jar, I am sure you could do
something similar.

While I probably will not be able to get to the hive earlier than 6:30
on meeting nights, I could probably bring ingredients down on Monday
and leave them in the fridge // on the kitchen table.