Dinner Tuesday: Falafel

Well, since no one seemed to object to my timid mentions of falafel
for dinner this Tuesday, I'll be making that. I shouldn't need any
help prepping, but if anyone wants to bring/make tahini sauce, that
would be cool. :slight_smile:

I'll be bringing pita pockets, lettuce and tomato. If anybody prefers
their falafel another way, feel free to bring whatever. I'm also kind
of assuming there's still plenty of vegetable oil, but if I'm wrong
please correct me because I kind of need it for frying purposes...

Also, this is a link to *a* falafel recipe (not mine) just to give
anyone curious an idea of what's in it:


My recipe also has the teensiest bit of cayenne.

Falafel sounds wonderful.

I'll bring tahini and cayenne. As for vegetable oil, I saw at least
one full bottle while I was at the Hive yesterday, and all of the oil
from the last frying endeavour is still here too if it's okay to


Hodapp, if you have time/materials/interestinexperimentation try substituting lentils for chickpeas in your recipe. I’ve had falafel made this way (lebanese?) before and it was amazing!


I forgot about the lentils thing… I already bought chickpeas, though. :confused:

Next time we have falafel, it will have to be with lentils.

Also: is there a food processor at the hive?