Digispark USB Development Board on sale at Microcenter: $5.99

Microcenter is running a sale on the Digispark USB Development Board. They are usually $9.95 but are on sale for $5.99 for the next two weeks. I backed them on Kickstarter and this is even a cheaper price than I was able to get them for…

You can’t beat this board if you are looking for a small, low powered Arduino for those disposable projects.


Sweet! I will go pick up a few.

I’d also like to endorse these boards.

It’s funny, even though the image of the board says “Digispark”, microcenter calls it a “Digistump”.

fwiw, the image of the board also says digistump.com ;-x

Wow, nice find! I just grabbed 4. I've been running into this exact
problem lately - many light duty projects (data logger, sound level
sensor to relay trigger (for propane art stuff)) that don't require a
$10 nano let alone a ~15-$30 full blown arduino or clone. This is
pretty slick!

I bought 3 of these in the kickstarter and promptly lost two of them, so this will let me stock back up while feeling MARGINALLY less stupid for losing them. :slight_smile:

Nice of the digistu.mp site to give you the arduino-1.0-4 release with
their stuff already integrated in it. Except now I have to figure out
how to copy the stump stuff into my main arduino folder. I should
learn this anyway.

I bought 3 online last night, gotta pick them up in-store by Friday. I bought parts to make a bunch of through-hole equivalent boards a while back but at $6 each, these are way better. Now to find a use…

What applications are they using these boards for?

Anything you’d use an Arduino for when you only need a few pins. :slight_smile:

I have one of mine driving an 8x8 matrix in an art project. I only needed an I2C interface, my own board out of through hole components was too big, and I think the whole board is cheaper than the through hole components off the shelf anyway.


I bought the last four they had yesterday, but today I ordered a few more from their website with in-store pickup (free shipping, but tax is charged).

They have a small variety of prototype shields and i2c lcd display kits as well. They are located in the gaming section about 8 or ten feet right of the SparkFun section.

They had a starter kit for $14.95 with the dev board plus a prototype shield (I think). I didn’t want to buy that because I think it’s cheaper separately with this deal.


I was very pleased when I went to get mine to see the large section of kits, arduinos and similar stuff in that section. I had no idea microcenter had added that section.

I know I brought a few of these down last week and had some interest. If someone wants one but doesn’t want to drive to Microcenter I can pick them up on my way down tonight. Just try to let me know ASAP.