Digikey Order


I’m getting ready to place a digikey order right now. If you have any parts you need, I can throw them in my order to save on shipping. I’ll go ahead and wait until Friday to place the order, so reply back to me before then if you want in.


I need to get a bunch of stuff for the hive out of my class money once I get a BOM from James Stoneburner. I’ll try to get on that.


Just a reminder: I’ll be placing this order later this afternoon, so if you want anything included just email me. I can pay for it now and you can pay me back next time you see me. Thanks!


I have a BOM for the parts I need on digikey. It’s a public BOM. 33888 is the BOM number. It’s name is HIVE13 STEPPER MOTOR DRIVER. Please order six assemblies which should be about $115.

Craig, can the Hive pay Dave for this order out of my class money please?
-Dave B.

It looks like we have to a part of the same Company to be able to share BOM’s with each other. This seems odd to me. I can put my Company as “Hive13”.

Sorry, I didn’t expect this process to be this complicated.


Digikey claim otherwise if the BOM is set to public.
I’ll contact them.

You should have a link that you can just post here if you want to share it.


If you don’t already have your order together, try this:

Web ID 36249300 Access ID 52974

That should get you into my order.

I got it all worked out. The parts have all been ordered. See you all next time…


P.S. - Another McMaster-Carr order may not be too far off.